Church of the Immaculate Conception

  The Roman Catholic Community of Glenville, New York

Morning of Service

Thank your for stopping by the gathering space after Masses on June 17/18. We enjoyed sharing photos from last year’s service day and our current onsite projects with you.

We are in need of back to school supplies for an on-site parish center project. We will be making and filling 100 pencil pouches for the organization Operation Christmas Child. Would you consider purchasing a few extra school supplies as you shop and donate them to us for this project? Back to school supplies often are on sale in July.

The supplies needed for the pencil pouches are: colorful duck tape, gallon size zip lock bags, pencils, pens, small pencil sharpeners, pencil top erasers, children’s scissors and glue sticks. Hold onto these items and we will let you know when and where to drop them off.

Thank you for your support!

Contact Janice or MaryAnn with any questions at [email protected]



We are happy to announce that so far 7 on-site projects are scheduled for our parish “Morning of Service”. They include work for the Booth Home, Ronald McDonald House, active duty military, Operation Christmas Child, our neighbors, and Albany Med NICU.

Projects to be done at off-site agencies will be announced in August. More information will be coming in bulletins and on the parish web-site throughout the summer. Detailed project descriptions will be posted on the parish web site in August. You will have plenty of information by the time signups begin in September. 


Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ #1: Who can participate? Everybody!!! There will be projects appropriate for all ages and abilities. Everybody is welcome. We encourage senior participation! We encourage family participation! For children 12 and under, parental/adult supervision is needed.

FAQ #2:  Can I participate in more than one on-site project?  Yes.  For on-site projects, there will be 2 slots, each 90 minutes.  You can work on one project per time slot.

FAQ #3: What skill level is needed to do these parish center projects?  From very little to little skill level. You will be shown how to do the project on that day by a team leader. This year projects will not be pre-prepped. Participants will have a start to finish experience and can be as creative and detailed as they wish for many projects.