Church of the Immaculate Conception

  The Roman Catholic Community of Glenville, New York

Parish Cookbook

Share your family favorite recipes and contribute to the
2017 Church of the Immaculate Conception Parish Cookbook

The Welcoming Committee is proud to announce hat we are producing a Parish Cookbook.  We want your favorite recipes:  whether they are family recipes that have been passed down through the generations, or that never fail recipe that everyone always asks for!  In order to make our cookbook a success, we need recipes from many families!


Please submit recipes by July 15, 2017

How to submit a recipe - there are 2 ways:

Online (preferred)

Click the button to the right
Click "login"
Enter the User Name:  ICRecipes
Enter password:  jelly999
Click submit
Enter your name and click Continue
Click "Add Recipes"

Submit a form

Print this form, complete and return to the Gathering Space of the Church.

Please use one form for each recipe.

Pre-printed forms are also available in the gathering space.

If you are submitting a handwritten recipe, please follow the instructions to the right.


Instructions for submitting handwritten recipes

  • Print neatly in ink, not pencil
  • Only one recipe per form
  • List all ingredients in order of use
  • Include amounts, sizes, e.g. 2 (8 oz cans)
  • Write in paragraph form
  • Use ingredient names in directions, e.g. "combine flour and sugar" - do not use statements like "combine first three ingredients"
  • Include temperatures and cooking, chilling, baking and/or freezing times
  • Any special notes should be added in the recipe notes section.  For example, "I add spinach to this recipe to make it healthier"


We hope to have the cookbook available for purchase by end of Summer.  Order forms and pricing information is TBD - once available, it will be posted online and in the parish bulletin.

Questions or concerns?  Please email Michele Geissler or Sandy Lowe