Church of the Immaculate Conception

  The Roman Catholic Community of Glenville, New York

The Bishop's Appeal




My dear brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus, 

This year, 2013, marks two significant milestones in my life. The first I recall with great joy as 50 years ago in December of 1963 I was ordained a priest. The other is the fact that this October I must submit my resignation to the Holy See as I will, with God’s grace, celebrate my 75th birthday.

No one knows when a new Bishop will be appointed and until such time I will be pleased to serve as your Bishop at the pleasure of Almighty God and the Holy Father.

As I look back over 36 years as your Bishop, I see many wonderful deeds accomplished by many generous people working hand in hand in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Of all the memories I take with me into retirement, among the dearest will be of those people who benefited from the works of mercy and kindness made possible by your magnificent generosity to the Bishop’s Appeal. Basically, the Bishop’s Appeal is and has always been about caring for each other.

Unfortunately, what has not changed with time are the ever increasing numbers of our brothers and sisters who are in need of assistance, those who are hungry, homeless, in need of love and compassion, and those who are ill or living deeply troubled lives. Each year, ever since the very first appeal in 1955, the people of our diocese from every parish stretched throughout our 14 counties have come together in the spirit of faith and generosity to give of themselves to make possible the ministries and programs of the Church.

I have been proud to serve as Bishop for such a remarkably caring and loving Catholic family who makes miracles happen every day and who keeps our faith alive and flourishing. What I wrote in 1977, marking the launch of my very first appeal as Bishop, rings true for this year’s campaign. “Thank you for showing me what life and love and Church are all about.”

So in the spirit of generations past and in the hope of extending the healing heart of Jesus to others, I ask you once again to please make a gift to the Bishop’s Appeal.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Howard J. Hubbard, D.D.
Bishop of Albany


Donation envelopes are available in the Parish Office.

Online donations can be made through the Bishop's Appeal Secure Online Donation Form by clicking HERE