Church of the Immaculate Conception

  The Roman Catholic Community of Glenville, New York



Rev. Jerome Gingras, Pastor
(518) 399-9168

About Fr. Jerry
Fr. Jerry became a diocesan priest in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany in 1994, and began serving at the Church of Immaculate Conception in Glenville, NY under then pastor Fr. Connery.  After three years as an associate at Immaculate, read more...

Rev. J. Thomas Connery, Pastor Emeritus
(518) 399-9168

About Fr. Connery

In the words of Fr. Connery: "It's been a wonderful journey.  I've been blessed by God, and I continue to love what I am doing as a priest."

Fr. Connery continues his ministry by leading prison retreats, chairing the advisory board for the Little Sisters of the Poor, and read more...


Parish Office Staff

Fran Szpylczyn
Pastoral Associate for Administration

(518) 399-9168 ext. 221

Kathy Friscic
Pastoral Associate for Administration
(518) 399-9168 ext.227

Pat Schorr
Parish Secretary
(518) 399-9168
Dr. William Gray
Director of Music Ministries
(518) 399-9168 ext. 225
Rachel Winters
Pastoral Care Coordinator
(518) 399-9168 ext. 226

Faith Formation and Youth Ministries Staff

Madeline Fretto
Pastoral Associate
for Faith Formation
(518) 399-9210 ext. 235
Michele DeLorenzo
Faith Formation Assistant

(518) 399-9210 ext. 233
Christine Goss
Director of Youth Ministries

(518) 399-9203 ext. 242
Patty Nally
Youth Ministries Assistant

(518) 399-9203 ext. 243
Grounds and Maintenance

Christoph Belrose
Facilities & Maintenance

(518) 399-9210 ext 245

Paul Toolan

Facilities & Maintenance
(518) 399-9210 ext 245


Dan Sliva
(518) 399-0639

Maryann Haskell
(518) 399-6706