Church of the Immaculate Conception

  The Roman Catholic Community of Glenville, New York

Enrollment for 2020-2021
will be done via mail, drop off or by appointment

All returning families will receive their Enrollment Form in the mail in mid-September.  Enrollment Forms are due by September 30th.

New to our Parish or Youth Ministries Program?  WELCOME!

New families should contact the YM Office at your earliest convenience to discuss our program offerings.  Please print and complete this New Family Enrollment Form .

NEW for 2020-2021 - Families with participants in grades 7 - 10 will CHOOSE the model for faith formation that works best for your family.  We understand that each family situation is unique and there are many things to consider in light of Covid-19.  We are hopeful that by offering faith formation in three models, we can meet the faith needs of all in our community!  Confirmation Preparation information for 11th and 12th grade participants is available by click the Confirmation image to the right.
Print the Welcome Letter for Grades 7 - 10 that was emailed on August 27.  If you did not receive this letter via email, please let us know - it will be important that we have your correct email address on file.  Our primary method of communication this year will be via email.

Option One
In-person, small group mini-courses

Option Two
Completely virtual learning

Option Three
Family Foundations of Faith at home

Mini-courses meet in-person in small groups and are led by a volunteer catechist.  Topics meet for 3 consecutive weeks (1 session each week).  Youth complete 2 mini-course topics each year.  We will only shift to a virtual platform if in-person gatherings need to be suspended due to Covid-19 after a topic has started.  Topics that have not yet begun may be rescheduled.  Detailed mini-course descriptions and dates are available below

Catholicism 101 is an e-learning platform designed by St. Mary's Press.  There are a series learning modules that are self paced.  Participants will independently complete each of the modules.  After each module there will be a scheduled virtual discuss session with a catechist.  Participation in the virtual session will be scheduled in advance after we know the number of participants in this model.

Reinforcing and supporting parents as the primary catechists Family Foundations of Faith will offer suggested activities that families will complete at home on their own schedule.  Sessions will be parent led.  Participants will email a short written or video reflection about how they grew in faith from each experience.  Families will commit to completing a minimum of eight experiences (approximately one each month) throughout the year.  Support and materials will be provided to parents as needed.

OPTION ONE - Mini-Courses 

Mini-Courses are limited to 10 participants per topic and are filled on a first come basis at enrollment.  If mailing in your enrollment form, please be sure to include back-up options if your top preferences are full.

Click grade below to view/print Topics, Descriptions and Meeting Dates

2020-2021 Topics and Dates are now available by clicking each grade level

Mini-Course availability last updated October 15 at 2pm.  
Please contact the YM Office to sign up for available topics. 

The following 7th Grade Topics
are full or nearing capacity:

Making Good Choices - limited spaces 

The following 8th Grade Topics
are full or nearing capacity:

You've Got a Friend in Jesus - FULL

Fruits of the Holy Spirit - Limited spaces

The following 9th Grade Topics
are full or nearing capacity:
All topic still OPEN

The following 10th Grade Topics
are full or nearing capacity:

Contemporary Issues in Catholic Faith - FULL

Wonder & Awe - limited spaces


Mini-Course Reflections and Evaluations!   Participants will have time at the end of their final session to complete their reflection form.  If you need another copy of the reflection form for any reason - please email the YM Office.

REMINDER:  to receive credit for completing a mini-course, the reflection and evaluation form must be returned.

OPTION TWO - Completely Virtual Learning

For an overview of Catholicism 101 click HERE

This program contains a total of 12 modules.  Participants will complete the first six modules throughout the year.  After each module, participants will gather virtually (anticipating using the Zoom platform) with a catechist for a 45 minute discussion and prayer session.  Participation in the virtual session will be expected after each module.

Participants must enroll in the YM program and then the parish will register you for the
e-learning platform.  

Suggested time frame for completion of each module and a calendar of virtual sessions will be provided after enrollment.  We need a better idea of the number and grades of participants before we can plan further.  We anticipate a minimum commitment of 2 hours each month beginning in October.

OPTION THREE - Family Foundations of Faith - Program Overview (click link)
The church clearly teaches that parents are the primary catechists for their children.  (See Catechism of the Catholic Church 2223, 2226; General Directory for Catechesis 220)

This home based model for faith formation will empower and support parents in their role as primary catechist.

Additional information including a preliminary list of suggested activities will be posted on the Family Foundations of Faith page by the end of September.

Due to limitations on larger gatherings, we are REPLACING our Workshop/Retreat expectation this year with family based experiences of Faith.  Similar to the options in Option 3, all families selecting Option 1 or 2, will be asked to complete two Family Foundations of Faith experiences throughout the year.  

Community Service in Youth Ministries

Youth Ministries Participants are expected to have a
demonstrated commitment to Community Service. 
Each year, regardless of which faith formation model is selected,
participants in grades 7 -11 are required to complete a minimum of:

1 Ministry Service (formerly called inside service) and
1 Mission Service (formerly called outside service)

Ministry Service directly benefits our Parish Community offering Youth Ministries participants an opportunity to work alongside existing Parish Ministries.

Mission Service takes our young adults out into the world completing service that benefits our community at large.  Many Mission Service Opportunities are coordinated through our office, however, we recognize that many youth are involved with community service through various school, scout and sports organizations - oftentimes those experiences can fulfill your Mission Service requirement.  Please contact the Youth Ministries Office for approval.


Nick Vautrin, Jack Mongan, and Jordan Manocchi are eager to serve during the Knights of Columbus Lenten Fish Fry.  Volunteering with the Knights - is just one of the many Ministry Service Opportunities available to our teens!

2020-2021 Community Service Descriptions
Will be posted by September 30 - please check back
(We anticipate many service opportunities will be delayed until 2021 due to Covid-19 restrictions.  Please remember, once posted, these lists are just suggestions, additional opportunities will be announced throughout the year.  Youth are encouraged to think outside the box how they can best serve their community.)

Click the headings below to view/print the various Ministry and Mission Service Opportunities coordinated through the Youth Ministries Office

Ministry Service Choices

Mission Service Choices

Teens are expected to SELECT their community service choices in September at Enrollment.

How do teens sign up for service?

In 1 of 3 easy ways:
1.  Download, print and complete this form and send it in
2.  Complete this ONLINE sign up form

Youth Ministries Handbook - is being updated for 2020-2021

Click here to read, download and print a copy of the Youth Ministries Handbook.  PLEASE NOTE, the handbook is being updated for 2020-2021 but this version will provided you will a general overview of our program.  This handbook is designed to answer many frequently asked questions about mini-courses, community service, workshops, program expectations and more!

Each participant and their family is expected to review the Handbook and then sign and return the Participant/Parent Contract.  If you have not yet turned in your contract, please do so as soon as possible.  If you need another contract, you can print one here.

Volunteering with Youth Ministries

Please click HERE if you would like to volunteer with Youth Ministries.  Available opportunities include: being a mini-course catechist or substitute, chaperoning service outings, social events, functions, baking for various YM events.
New for 2020-2021 - we are looking for adults to help assist us in the evenings during in-person mini-courses - these responsibilities will help us ensure all of our health and safety protocols are being met.

Click above to email us or call us at 518.399.9203

Looking for Confirmation Information?  Click the image above and bookmark the Confirmation page!

Meet the
Youth Ministries Staff

Christine Goss
Director of Youth Ministries



Comprehensive Youth Ministries

Our Church embraces the philosophy of "Comprehensive Youth Ministries" (CYM)  The goal of CYM is to utilize 8 components of ministry to ensure that youth are fully engaged in all aspects of our Church.  Many people think of youth ministries as going to "religion classes" - "Catechesis" (learning about faith) is 1 of the 8 components but CYM is SO much MORE than just religion classes!