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Comprehensive Youth Ministries

Our Church embraces the practice of "Comprehensive Youth Ministries" (CYM)  The goal of CYM is to utilize 8 components of ministry to ensure that youth are fully engaged in all aspects of our Church.  Many people think of youth ministries as going to "religion classes" - "Catechesis" (learning about faith) is 1 of the 8 components but CYM is SO much MORE than just religion classes!

Components of Comprehensive Youth Ministries



Prayer & Worship

Community Life

Justice & Service

Leadership Development

Pastoral Care


Information for Grade 11th - please click on the Confirmation link on the top right of this page. 

Youth Ministries Participants in Grades 7 - 10 select the mini-course topics that they would like to complete.  Mini-Courses are topic specific and each topic meets for 4 consecutive weeks.  Participants choose and complete 2 topics each year.   Mini-Courses are limited to 14 participants per topic and are filled on a first come basis at enrollment.

Click grade below to view/print Topics, Descriptions and Meeting Dates

PLEASE CONTACT our office to discuss mini-course availability
as our program year is well underway.

The following 7th Grade Topics
are full or nearing capacity:

Making Good Choices (Sundays) - FULL

10 Commandments (Mondays) - FULL
Conversations with God (Sundays) - FULL

The following 8th Grade Topics
are full or nearing capacity:

Mary: Blessed Mother (Sundays) - FULL
Fruits of the Holy Spirit (Sundays) - FULL

The following 9th Grade Topics
are full or nearing capacity:
Encounters with Jesus in the Gospels - Limited
Religion and Science (Sundays) - FULL

The following 10th Grade Topics
are full or nearing capacity:

Contemporary Issues in Faith (Sundays) - FULL
The Four Pillars (Wednesdays) - Limited
Wonder & Awe (Sundays) - FULL

The above course availability is accurate as of 11:00am on October 24th.
Please contact our office to discuss current course options.


Mini-Course Reflections and Evaluations!   For 2019-2020, participants will have time at the end of their final session to complete their reflection form.  If you need another copy of the reflection form for any reason - please email the YM Office.

REMINDER:  to receive credit for completing a mini-course, the reflection and evaluation form must be returned.

Community Service in Youth Ministries

Youth Ministries Participants are expected to have a demonstrated commitment to Community Service.  Each year, students in grades 7 -11 are required to complete a minimum of:

1 Ministry Service (formerly called inside service) and
1 Mission Service (formerly called outside service)

Ministry Service directly benefits our Parish Community offering Youth Ministries participants an opportunity to work alongside existing Parish Ministries.

Mission Service takes our young adults out into the world completing service that benefits our community at large.  Many Mission Service Opportunities are coordinated through our office, however, we recognize that many youth are involved with community service through various school, scout and sports organizations - oftentimes those experiences can fulfill your Mission Service requirement.  Please contact the Youth Ministries Office for approval.


Nick Vautrin, Jack Mongan, and Jordan Manocchi are eager to serve during the Knights of Columbus Lenten Fish Fry.  Volunteering with the Knights - is just one of the many Ministry Service Opportunities available to our teens!

2019-2020 Community Service Descriptions
(please remember, these are just suggestions and additional opportunities will be announced throughout the year)

Click the headings below to view/print the various Ministry and Mission Service Opportunities coordinated through the Youth Ministries Office
Teens are expected to SELECT their community service choices in September at Enrollment.

How do teens sign up for service?

In 1 of 3 easy ways:
1.  Download, print and complete this form and bring it with you to Enrollment
2.  Complete a blank form that will be available at enrollment
3.  Complete this ONLINE sign up form

Youth Ministries Handbook

Click here to read, download and print a copy of the Youth Ministries Handbook.  This handbook is designed to answer many frequently asked questions about mini-courses, community service, workshops, program expectations and more!

Each participant and their family is expected to review the Handbook and then sign and return the Participant/Parent Contract.  If you have not yet turned in your contract, please do so as soon as possible.  If you need another contract, you can print one here.

Volunteering with Youth Ministries

Please click HERE if you would like to volunteer with Youth Ministries.  Available opportunities include: being a catechist or evaluator; chaperoning service outings, social events, and functions; set-up, baking, clean-up for a variety of receptions; adult and teen members of the Core Youth Ministries Team.

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Meet the
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