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Building Use Request Form

We have a vibrant parish, full of active ministries and community groups that use our Parish Center on a regular basis. In order to try to accommodate as many requests as possible, it is important that groups do not sign up for rooms that they will not use. If you need to cancel or reschedule a meeting that has been confirmed, please contact the Parish Office.

Name of Person Completing this Form*

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Name of Organization/Group*

Organization/Group Leader's Name*

Daytime Contact Number (Is this a home, cell, or work number)*

Has your group/ministry been approved by the Albany Diocese?*

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Is there a fee charged to participants in your group?*

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Does your group/organization have liability insurance coverage?*

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If yes, has your organization submitted a copy of your insurance certificate to the Parish Office? *

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Does your group/ministry work with children or youth at any time?*

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Are any attendees at your meetings non-parishioners?*

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Please enter the date, time and room (if requesting a specific space) for each meeting you would like to schedule.*

Do you need to make arrangements to pick up a key?*

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