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Send a Flock of Flamingos to visit a friend’s yard

What: A large flock of flamingos (in a variety of shapes and sizes) will descend upon the yard you choose in the early morning hours and will nest there for the entire day.

Who: The birds can only fly short distances without getting over tired—so all yards must be within a five mile radius of the church - please be sure the homeowners you select have a sense of humor.

Why: It’s a ton of fun! It will bring a smile to someone’s face! You’ll be supporting a great group of teens who are preparing to attend the National Catholic Youth Conference this Fall in Indianapolis.

When: The flock will be nesting in our area between August 1st—August 23rd. You can select the date (based on availability).

Cost: An amazing flamingo flock, happily delivered by a group of teens, costs only $15.00 - the honking cars, smiles, puzzled looks and happy faces are completely free with purchase.

Insurance: Worried about getting flocked?? Do you have a flamingo allergy or perhaps a phobia of pink birds that stand on 1 foot? No worries - simply purchase Flamingo Insurance for $25.00 and we can guarantee you a flamingo free yard.

How: Download and Print THIS ORDER FORM and drop it off at the Youth Center along with your check and await delivery.  

Questions should be directed to Christine Goss at 518-399-9203 or

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