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Usher Ministry

Would you like to become an Usher? Need more information before you decide? Please contact Julie Ashcroft, who coordinates the Usher Ministry at

518-630-5389 or 

The Usher Ministry invites all men and women who are interested in collecting the offering at Mass to volunteer. 

Some of the duties of an Usher include:

  • Before Mass begins, select three people to bring the gifts to the altar

  • Collect offerings during the Mass

  • Deposit money at the bank (one Usher per Mass)

  • Assist in locating seats when Church is crowded

Ushers are scheduled quarterly and volunteers have the ability to select their Mass preference, to block off dates that they are not available and if scheduled to request a substitute if necessary. You can serve as frequently as you would like. Ushers are asked to arrive 15 minutes before Mass and sign in on the sheet in the Gathering Space.

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